Winter Passion by Sarah Collingwood

I had the pleasure of reading this book as a beta and I just adored it. The writing style was different than I was used to, but it didn’t detract from the story in the slightest. Trina and Arek’s affection/attraction built at a logical pace, and was just overall a very sweet story!

It’s been twenty cycles since the leader of the Piacien disappeared. Twenty cycles since the hunts began and magic fled. Now, Arek Locque barely lives through each day, his emotions dying with every breath. The once feared and sensual being he was is little more than a memory until she appears.

Garbed in secrets and adorned in mystery, Trina Nuvbrin rushes in like a snowstorm and dashes his heinous intentions to use her. True interest ignites with feelings he had long forgotten, leaving only one thing in his mind: he has to have her.

Sadly, more lurks in the woods than one would suspect, and someone or something threatens to destroy their lives anew.

Together, each will have to fight for a future – not only for themselves but also for the worlds they left behind.

This book is live today!  Grab your copy and enjoy!

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