Flight of the Cosmic Turkey By Laura Ruth Loomis

Oh my gosh. So, I was told this was a comedy book, but you know how things don’t always deliver? This one did. Laura’s brain is a funny place that I totally want to visit. Everything is so witty, down to even the one-liners she throws in that your brain takes a second to register, then you look like the crazy person standing in line at Moe’s laughing out loud at your phone…not that I did that.

Since this was a beta read, I won’t get into any technical, grammatical, or prose issues (of which there were *very* few!) I’ll just focus on the story.

The nutshell of the book is a ridiculous circumstance sends Janet down a crazy path that ends up with her running a spaceship, complete with a motley crew. Their first mission? Go to a planet (that’s not a planet) to rescue a prisoner. Seems easy enough, right? Nearly anything and everything that could go wrong wound up square in Janet’s lap, with her companions barely able to help past their own foibles and humorous faults.

Laura did a fab job at giving each character their own quirks & voice, so it never felt stale. The situations were, by design, nearly at the edge of plausible, but come on. It’s a comedy. Set in Space. In a ship that looks like a Turkey. If you pick up this book expecting Shakespeare, you perhaps should reconsider the life choices that brought you to that point. But I digress.

If you like Sci-Fi, tongue in cheek humor, slap you in the face humor, puns, and insanely awesome alien races, you will adore this book. I hope there are several more adventures for the Turkey and her crew because I’ll read every single one.

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