“I woke up to the scent of blood in my room. Blood and coffee.”

First and foremost, these covers, y’all. I mean… 😍

Since this is my first taste of Ms. Dunlap’s writing I downloaded a sample of book one, Knight Of The Hunted, and not even two chapters in, I’ve found my favorite line, ever:

…everyone wants fucking servants, amirite?

Yes. Yes we do.

And one that made me laugh out loud:

This bitch.

……okay that one you’d have to read in context, but trust me, it fits and is funny!

As for the writing style: I like it! It’s very biting, and so far no one is holding punches, which I like. However, if profanity ain’t yo’ thang, be advised there’s a hefty amount in these versions. <<If sweareth doth offendeth, you can get the YA versions HERE which are totally safe for work and church and flipping playgroup dates or…anyplace!>>

If you’re awesome like myself, and swearing doesn’t phase you at all, then read on!

I’m digging the story so far. I’m not super familiar (read: not at all) with actual vampire culture, having only read a palmful of books in my life that had vampires in them, so I appreciated that she explained what she meant by companion (and a couple other things)

Side note: yes I’ve seen some movies about vampires, so I’m not a total noob peeps, gawsh! Just…mostly…noobish.

I digress.

By chapter two we already have a healthy cast of characters, with distinct personalities, but not so many that I was lost or confused. (Cuz let’s be real – I have mom brain. Confusion is my life.)

Then enters a lovely character who I IMMEDIATELY want to know everything about–Balthazar. Can you say ‘yum?’

And Cameron is totally giving off ‘doable’ vibes, like furreal. If Lisbeth doesn’t hit that, imma figure out how to make that happen. *sniffs* I know people.

Sample ended with a cute quip and to be honest, I was bummed it was over!


So there we have it folks, my super quick review of Knight Of The Hunted, book one in the Born Vampire series.

Below is the blurb from amazon and the buy link so you too can dream of Lisbeth banging Cameron at some point. Or Balthazar. Or the bookstore woman. Or both. Or all of them.


*I just get the feeling, Ms. Dunlap didn’t give the books an NSFW tag for no reason, y’all. Ijs. Tap the book images below to get your very own copy!!


*Slow Build Menage Paranormal Romance**
“I hungered for this Lycan’s touch like I’d never wanted anyone’s before.”
Lisbeth never expected to fall for the enemy, but she also never expected that she’d be hunted by her own kind for breaking their vampire laws. 
Desperate and lost, she stumbles across a Lycan, and as much as he disgusts her, there’s something there that she can’t walk away from.
The dangers they face are nothing compared to the danger in his arms. Does he feel the same way about her, or will their instinctual species prejudices tear them apart?
This book has the same action and romance that you loved in the “Born Vampire” series, but with over 50 pages of extra content (and not just the steamy kind). You’ll never see Lisbeth and Knight in the same light again!
**Warning: For Adult Audiences 18+. Language and actions may be deemed offensive to some. Sexually explicit content. M/F**

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