Embraced-The final installment, now live!

Gavin’s finally got his precious soulmate in his arms every night and even a job with the remnants of the Valentine mob. But his idealistic future with Nataly may end before it officially begins if he can’t convince her that their dynamic is truly what he lives and breathes for, no matter how hard it gets.

A gorgeous ring and a marriage proposal went a long way toward making Nataly feel normal after fifteen years of living in an institution, but there’s no way she can bind Gavin to life filled with night terrors, hallucinations, and violent flashbacks. Especially not when precious items go missing one at a time, and her tenuous grip on sanity starts to slip.

But could something more sinister than Nataly’s own mind be at work? Who could stand to benefit from breaking these lovebirds apart?

This novella is a heart-twisting peek inside the lives of two people nearly torn apart by their need to be together. Real aspects of mental illness are coupled with a tender branch of the D/s lifestyle that serves as an anchor for their relationship and forms the unique people they are. They aren’t for everyone, but their story needed to be told.

Reader discretion is advised as there are acts of violence and strong language.

(While it could be read as a standalone, you’ll be far less confused if you’ve read books 1-3.)

Grab it today!

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