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Reviews and why they matter

It’s no secret that reviews are bread and butter to an author. A good review can be the difference between a casual browser buying-or not buying-your book. But what about the dreaded bad review? ? It...

Head Hopping 101

Head hopping is a seriously devious little monster. It’s also not something for which there’s a global rule. Some people couldn’t care less. Some don’t notice. Some enjoy knowing what each character is thinking in a...

Elevate your prose!

Here’s a super handy list of a few strong words to really make your novel pop! More lists coming soon.  🙂

Awesome Character Traits

I found this amazing little list on Pinterest and just had to share. This could be a great launching point for sparking a new character or even fleshing out an existing one. Enjoy! ❤

Plotting for “Pantsers”

I hate plotting. Charts scare me. Outlines put a big ol’ kebash on my creativity, and stall my thought processes. I don’t know a large portion of “official” names for the parts of a story and...