Deities & Desires

Ready to swoon over Greek deities and the mortals that love them?

Death On Line One | Release date: 8-1-2019

On a scale of one to dead, Stephanie’s accidental date with the mysterious, uber-sexy god of Death, Theo, ends at a six–as in ‘feet under.’

But, he’s not ready to give her up. When he plots to rip apart The Underworld, Stephanie becomes the pantheon’s last hope at thwarting Theo’s downward spiral and saving creation, possibly earning herself a slice of goddess-hood in the process.

There’s just two little problems.

One, she’s a ghost.

And two, the well-known deity standing in the way of her happily-immortal-after has a reputation for being a tad . . .possessive.

Throw in sizzling chemistry, near-miss accidents, soul-changing travel, a magical gown, plus a wine bar full of secrets, and you’ve got a paranormal romance unlike anything you’ve ever read.

Death On Line One is a modern day paranormal romance featuring primordials, gods, mythical monsters, and a quirky 35 year old heroine with a knack for fumbling, well, everything.