Rhapsody Hills

The first in a brand new RomCom series launches March 2, 2020! Born from the “number neighbor” idea and turning into so much more, Texting The Enemy will have you laughing, swooning, & cheering.

What happens when your flirty number neighbor turns out to be your grumpy office rival?

When Matthew's gorgeous/grouchy co-coworker sends him an “anonymous” text, he can do one of three things:

A) Immediately tell her she's made a huge mistake and rub it in her face forever.

B) Ignore the text and pretend he isn't harboring secret hate-love for his former childhood best friend turned job-threatening ice-queen.

C) Take full, flirtatious advantage of the fact she has no clue it's his number, realize his feelings for her never really died, enlist the help of her friends, and screw up spectacularly every time he tries to make her fall for the “real him.”

“C” all the way, baby.

Texting the Enemy has it all: childhood friends to enemies to lovers, fun banter, office hijinks, meddling family, kick-a$$ side characters, plot twists, mystery, and the super swoony happy ever after you expect from a T.K. Barber novel. Buy now!