The Bridgeford Saga


If there’s one thing Killian “Killer” Jones can’t stand, it’s blood.  If there’s another, it’s owing anything to anybody. The brash, no nonsense leader of the Dogs gang made one deal to get a kid out of town for his own good and cant wait to pay the Price Family back. But that all takes a back seat when the rival gang’s leader shows up dead, and Killer is suspect numero uno. He’s innocent, but try telling that to the trash that just shot up his car with him in it. He manages to get just enough injuries to warrant a visit to the new “stitch ’em quick” the Price’s gave him full access to, who happens to be hot as holy hell.

Angelina “Li” Parker has a fool proof plan to square a debt of her own and get the hell out of Twin Bay for good. The part-time mob-doc is a few hours away from never looking back when loud, annoying, and sexy Killian bursts through the secret clinic door, and she’s forced to coddle the hemophobic instead of leaving.

But no good deed goes unpunished. Her decision to tag along with him and keep tabs on the wound forever changes the course of both their lives, and safety. While their attraction heats up, attacks continue to rain down on the unlikely duo, and old friends resurface with deadly intentions.

~This is a stand alone novel~


When Mia, a runaway with a horrific past, ducks into an off-track betting parlor, the immediate chemistry she finds with the tall, Italian owner, Vincent, is explosive and impossible to fight, despite the age difference.

But Vincent’s secret profession has a twisted connection to the fate Mia is desperately trying to escape, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his well-planned exit from the game for the sake of his aching need to care for Mia.

And Mia’s freedom, survival, and future may now depend on trusting emotions she’s never had and fighting the urge to run from the man who’s been able to reach her like no one before.

~This is a stand-alone novel~

That being said: your experience will be richer, and your understanding of the characters will be deeper if you read The Twin Bay Saga as their relationships intertwine.


Vincent’s loyal “business” manager, Jack McCarty, runs into trouble in the form of a long-time cage match rival turned criminal, Austin “Oz” Findley, and Paolo DiGiovanni, the cop coming for them both.

When Paolo’s sister, and Jack’s longtime sexual obsession, Cerita, comes to Jack for help hiding a dangerous stolen item, he’ll have to fight his desperation to be with her, and his need to keep Paolo off his back and avoid prison. All this while Oz is gearing up to bring the real fight to where it’ll hit Jack the hardest: home.

~This is a stand-alone novel~

That being said: your experience in Twin Bay/Bridgeford will be richer, and your understanding of the characters will be deeper if you read the previous books, as their relationships intertwine.