The Twin Bay Saga

Dark themes, intense action, meaningful intimacy, rewarding love, & guaranteed happy endings.

Welcome to Twin Bay, a fictional town with dirty streets and dirtier cops. Run by two mob families with an uneasy truce, it's in constant flux. The anti-heroes and heroines struggle, curse, bleed, and die for the love they so desperately want.
Take a walk on the mob side
While each of the novels subsequent to Held & Hidden can be read as standalone, it's HIGHLY recommended you read them in order!


Nick doesn't want to be a hitman. The mobsters holding his younger sister hostage have other plans. With the threat of her death looming, Nick's only option is to follow orders. Repeatedly.

Getting mugged isn't on Scarlet's agenda when her janky car breaks down, and she opts to walk home rather than pony up for a cab. But being rescued by a dreamy, brooding, knight-in-shining-hoodie almost makes up for it.

Nick's decision to step out of the bloody shadows and be her hero has dire consequences, shifting pieces in a sick game and setting into motion a plan that's decades in the making.

With their smoldering chemistry impossible to fight, Nick's midnight murder trail is at risk of exposure. And wanting what he shouldn’t have could put his heart as the next target, or his loved ones in the crosshairs of a mad-man.

~This is a multi-pov novel~



If at first they don’t succeed . . . expect a different tactic.

After the botched rescue attempt of girlfriend Annalise nearly cost him his life, Thomas Valentine finds himself under protective custody from an unlikely source while he heals. Now, Thomas is straddling two mob families, his own and The Price’s, and his insistence on seeing Annalise unknowingly places her in danger.

All Annalise wants is to push past the trauma of her imprisonment and abuse, move on, and keep Thomas alive in her soul while she tries to cling to a thread of “normal”. Those plans shatter the instant she sees him, and they're shoved deep into a sinister plot that claws at theirHIDDEN
fragile minds and young hearts.

When Thomas’s life and morality hang in the balance, Annalise makes a dangerous play in an attempt to rescue him from himself and the one person he wants nothing more than to please. 

All this, while the family heads make deceptive moves to end the rivalry once and for all, using any means necessary, even love.

~This is a multi-pov novel~

Christmas has come to Twin Bay, bringing with it several lovely shorts featuring your favorite couples in the series.

Nick & Scarlet in Snowy Surprise
Thomas & Anna in Tree Treat
Nataly & Gavin in Perfect Present
Marianna & Rico in Dinner Delight

Plus: Killer's Good Deed

And: an early peek at Nataly & Gavin's novella, EMBRACED, and Katelyn & Anthony's novella, CONSUMED, both coming out 2020!

♥This feel-good gem is set after the events in HIDDEN, but before the epilogue. ♥

Gavin's finally got his precious soul-mate in his arms every night and even a job with the remnants of the Valentine mob. But his idealistic future with Nataly may end before it officially begins if he can't convince her that their dynamic is truly what he lives and breathes for--no matter how hard it gets.

A gorgeous ring and a marriage proposal went a long way toward making Nataly feel normal after fifteen years of living in an institution, but there's no way she can bind Gavin to life filled with night terrors, hallucinations, and violent flashbacks. Especially not when precious items go missing one at a time, and her tenuous grip on sanity starts to slip.

But could something more sinister than Nataly's own mind be at work? Who could stand to benefit from breaking these love-birds apart?

This heart-twisting look inside the lives of two people nearly torn apart by their need to be together isn't for the faint of heart. Real aspects of mental illness are coupled with a tender branch of the D/s dynamic that serves as an anchor for their relationship.
Reader discretion is advised.