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My book has a release date! 😱🥰

Hello all you fabulous people! After over a year of waiting, DEATH ON LINE ONE finally has a release date. It is… *drum roll* August 1st! *fanfare* Here’s a fun little board I made for them!...

🌷COVER REVEAL! Forever Witch by Billie Dale

The leading lady’s of The Reigh Witch Chronicles are about to face their greatest challenge yet. Defeating the darkness once and for all. She’s the middle sister, we’ve watched her grow and now Kassy will save her sister, defeat Phoenix Winston and kick Lilith’s butt all the way to kingdom come.

Fallen Angel Trilogy by Kim Loraine

♥ ♥ ♥ Title: The Fallen Angel Trilogy Waking the Watcher (The Fallen Angel Trilogy #1) Denying the Watcher (The Fallen Angel Trilogy #2) Releasing the Watcher (The Fallen Angel Trilogy #3) Author: Kim Loraine Genre:...